Kinda Cool Magazine started with a pure love for music and popular culture. We strive to create a positive environment that showcases the abilities of both performing artists and hard workers behind the scenes of the industry.

          Kinda Cool Magazine began in February 2019 by a pair of friends. Though the name was a bit of a joke, the publication was created with nothing but high hopes for an impactful future and hours of dedication and hard work placed into each and every aspect of the magazine. The founding team members had a solid plan in place to distinguish their publication from what anyone else is doing — and with the perfect dosage of care and strategy, they succeeded in creating something memorable.

          Under three general guidelines, Kinda Cool is able to exist. Number one — genre is not binary. In a media-based world, it’s impossible to encapsulate the incredulity of music within small categories. At KCM, genre does not exist. We refuse to limit our contributor’s coverage opportunities by the genre of the artists they’re interested in, and we hope to satisfy a larger group of music fans with our boundless coverage.

          Rule number two — youth are the most important voices that society needs to be listening to. They are the future of the music industry and the world. Regardless of age, we want to hear what’s on your mind if you’ve got something to say. Our goal is to stop silencing the voices of today’s youth, but instead giving a platform to the game changers of this generation.

          The final guideline is that the future is female. In a male-dominated industry, we are so proud of our entirely female team for going above and beyond in everything they do. By providing this platform to strong, motivated women in the music scene, we hope to play a role in moving towards a primarily female future of this industry.

          Between forming in Canada, being designed and distributed in the USA, and including contributors based as far away as the UK and Russia, KCM features voices from multiple backgrounds and cultures. We truly believe we’ve created an environment where it is possible to support each other endlessly, no matter our differences, and in turn, begin to break the mold of traditional music journalism. We are very proud to work with a group of talented, motivated creatives. We will always believe in lifting up those who have something to say and providing them with a platform to do so.

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