Dance the Pain Away to “In Violet”

Written by Mak Lucarelli

Graphic by Emily Lantzy

         Over the past few years, Grayscale has marked their territory as an up-and-coming band in the scene. They have given fans a variety of sounds, moving through songs about love, family, relationships, and even death. The pop-punk group released their latest single “In Violet” on July 1st, and though there have been mixed reactions to the change in sound, many fans are projecting their support for the new hit.

         I interpreted “In Violet” as a song about overcoming grief and switching from mourning death to celebrating a life once lived. Vocalist Collin Walsh sings in the pre-chorus, “Sick of funeral black, so when I don’t come back, I want you to celebrate, sing and laugh.” I think the chorus holds the most meaning lyrically throughout the song, full of wishes to be buried “in violet” and “dance the pain away,” which show the transition from sadness to joy.

         The lyrics in the second verse are a bit darker, contradicting the chorus. My favorite line is “Drains the light from my face, shine down, let me escape,” which leads right into the more optimistic chorus again. The oxymoronic lyrics combined with the upbeat tempo and added synths to the song provides the truth of feelings and hurt after death, yet give that celebratory sound needed to emphasize the meaning.

         The bridge is lead into quietly, slowly rising with overlapping vocals in the background to eventually hit a summery beat. This particular section of the song feels like such a windows down, dancing in the summer moment. It feels inspirational and leaves you with a weightless feeling, as if you could do anything in the world. The background vocals also make it seem as if a chorus of people are singing along, leaving the listener feeling like they aren’t alone in how they feel.

         Be sure to stream “In Violet” on your preferred platform and follow Grayscale on social media to stay updated! Their new album, Nella Vita, is set to be released on September 6th, and you won’t want to miss it! Pre-sale packages are up on their website now. Happy listening!