Katie Toupin’s Return Home

Written by Emily Richardson

Photos by Emily Richardson

Graphic: Emily Lantzy

         I recently got to experience former Houndmouth member Katie Toupin headline her own show in Louisville. After forming Houndmouth in Louisville, the evening was practically a welcome home celebration for Katie — and you could tell she was so glad to be home. She came out on stage wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and began playing “I Need You,” and you it was easy to see that the energy and emotion of the night was just getting started. She then proceeded to play hits from her first EP, Moroccan Ballroom, such as the fan-favorite “Danger.”

         You could just see that the bond between Toupin and her drummer/guitarist Michael Chavez is unbreakable. From the pair constantly shouting each other out to the energy they had while performing together, they clearly have a very strong connection with each other. While on the topic of connections, Toupin’s connection with the crowd was also incredible. If you were in that crowd, you did not feel like you were watching an artist on stage. You felt like you were hanging out with Toupin and Chavez in their living room while listening to music. She made us feel as though we were all just a big group of friends enjoying the music together. Toupin (and her dog Cheeto!) even met everyone after the show, taking pictures and signing autographs.

         Katie Toupin played a song that she said was basically about her getting a second chance in the music industry and with her dream. You could feel the power and emotion coming out of Toupin with every word she sang. Performing this song in Louisville brought her to tears, causing the crowd to cheer even louder for her after she finished the song. Toupin came onto the stage in Louisville with so much emotion and energy, from smiles to tears, and she was so happy to be performing there — and just performing in general. If you get the chance to see Katie Toupin live, do it! She is incredible, and you will not regret it.