Chopsticks and Champagne: First in Flight Back Again

Written by Mary Perez

Graphic: Katie Christensen

         A unique title for your newest favorite song, “Chopsticks and Champagne” is First in Flight’s latest single, dropping just in time for summer. Exactly six months since the release of their last single, “Never Alone,” the Milpitas-based band have returned with a single that plays upon their classic 80’s rock-inspired style that still feels fitting in today’s music industry.

         The loud guitar riffs and drums immediately hit listeners as the song begins, a heavier intro that truly contrasts the more electronic “Never Alone.” Instantly transitioning into a steady rhythm that is danceable and extremely catchy, vocalist Pat McCloskey emphasizes the endings of each line, drawing out syllables to really capture one’s attention. The lyrics have a certain theme of liberation and self discovery, as they repeat that idea of breaking free to find an escape. The chorus is bound to be both a fan and crowd favorite— it’s simple while still holding a sense of power. The collective shouts build a rather unified feeling, and it’s exciting to envision those lines at one of their upcoming shows. Furthermore, the song is upbeat and energetic, calling for one’s attention and practically inviting you to also join in.

         First in Flight are no strangers to creating unique bridges that stand out from the rest of their songs, and this single was no different. The groovy melody is broken up by a piano-driven bridge, the upbeat chorus taking a softer direction. However, the piano only acts as a way to highlight the surprising change in the verse’s lyrical style. Something that’s so admirable about McCloskey is his incredible range control and versatility. The bridge is closer to a slow rap, reminding me of songs such as Twenty One Pilots’ “Car Radio.”

         First in Flight is a wonderfully versatile band; always so creative in their different songs by mixing a variety of influences and sounds. Drawing inspiration from both modern and classic artists, they have a captivating sound that really encapsulates their self-described style of “cotton candy in a mosh pit.” The heavier, and often groovy, instrumentals paired with McCloskey’s more melodious vocals create a signature style that truly sticks with listeners of varying tastes in music. Additionally, First in Flight have always maintained such a close-knit relationship with their fans, which was highlighted in the promotion of “Chopsticks and Champagne.” The fans were eager to not only presave the single as soon as it was announced, but they did not hesitate to share the links with their friends and family. With such a supportive fanbase and a mutual love between the band and their followers, First in Flight are bound to keep gaining new listeners with each new release.

         For those looking for a concert to dance the night away at, be sure to catch First in Flight at one of their upcoming shows!