Featurette Rings in Summer 2019 with Their New Single

By Gianna Cicchetti

Graphic: Emily Lantzy

         Toronto synth-pop duo Featurette released the first single from their upcoming second album this previous Friday, a track entitled “Million Things.” After a week of hyping up fans for what was to come, the band gave fans exactly what they were waiting for since their last single in 2017– some new music.

         “Million Things” is about a relationship in a currently rocky state. While a common theme of many songs, Featurette makes sure the song stands out from the rest and is not just another sad song. Vocalist Lexie Jay yearns for more time with the one she loves, hoping that extra time can make a difference and mend their relationship. She describes an endless cycle of tears in the fabric of the relationship that is mostly because of the couple’s distance from each other. In the chorus, Jay states that though she might have all of the material possessions she could ever want, that does not equate to her happiness, especially because of the sadness that the issues in her relationship brings her. The subtle use of harmony and the passion in Jay’s vocal delivery bring another dimension to the song and can cause you to immediately get hooked on it, just like I did.

         Though a struggling relationship is nothing to smile about, the song does not seem sad when just focusing on instrumentals. The shiny synths all throughout, paired with the looped drums from Jon Fedorsen, give the song a brighter kind of vibe that is perfect for the summer season. The contrast between Jay’s vocals and lyrics and the music that backs them makes “Million Things” a kind of sad song that is much easier to listen to. When all aspects of the song are combined, it results in a job well done from both members of the duo.

         The repeat factor on this song, for me at least, is very high. The chorus is so easy to sing along to and I guarantee that either the beat or any of the lyrics will get stuck in your head even after one listen. It is a song I would definitely add to any summer playlist, but it is a great song for any time of year.