The Forum Shoots for the Stars with “Comet”

Written by Katie Marks

Graphic by Emily Lantzy

          If The Forum haven’t been on your radar yet, they will be now. Ahead of The Forum’s second release of 2019, “Comet,” the band has gained a dedicated following on social media sites that propelled them towards popularity within Florida’s indie scene.

          “Comet” features everything a fan could want in a song of this genre, with clear influences from both indie and alternative pop-rock styles. This single features The Forum’s classic use of catchy guitar with a blend of modern synth flare that’s sure to make the song an instant favorite for any listener.

          After listening to The Forum’s 2019 discography thus far, it is clear to me just how much the band has grown in the few short months between their previous single and “Comet. The group has grown more into their distinct sound with “Comet,” utilizing aspects from previous releases together to create a killer single. Each and every The Forum track sounds cohesive, like they could be a collective, yet each has their own unique feeling that sets them apart.

          “Comet” will bring you on a trip through the cosmos with its otherworldly charm and blended sound unique to the indie-rock genre. The Forum is releasing what I see as only the best music that they humanly can create, with “Comet” as the key ingredient at center of their journey.

          If you are looking for a new indie-rock band to fall in love with, I definitely suggest checking out The Forum. “Comet” is set to release on all streaming platforms July 19.